The Best Lawn Mower Repair Shops in Tampa Bay Florida

Popular technicians - Blog With Technicians - But in the past about 14 years ago I did entrust my equipment to Al's Lawn Care Equipment and they did well for me! They were very fair and decent turn around! They are located at 18905 N Dale Mabry in Lutz. . . Turn around time is rediculous and they are always trying to get out of any type of warranty work!! Always the old methanol in the fuel excuse. I honestly have found that most mower repair shops are really horrible now a days. I do all of my own repairs myself as I am a former ASE mastertech ..More

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12 Ways your Lawn could be harmful to your Pets

Popular nationwide master contractors - Ask And Expert - Repair Forum Pages - We all know there are differences in lawn services in Atlanta and in Chicago. Wise Georgia homeowners will check with lawn services Atlanta for indigenous plants. Not only will they examine your trees, they will help you rid yourself of dangerous limbs. . There are great differences in yard care in New York State and in lawn maintenance St Petersburg Florida. What do you see? Are there any limbs hanging precariously, threatening to fall when a strong wind blows? We fail to think about the damage our trees can sustain during winter months. From north to deep south, people are getting back out in the sun. Check Out Your Trees Moving right along we walk together under a grove of trees. Pads can be easily sliced or tendons severed. Why is this equipment outdoors? Mowers, edgers, saws, or shears can lead to accidents and serious injury. What people don't realize is, for our dogs and cats that run through the yard this edging might as well be knives positioned blade edge up. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so let's examine a checklist of hidden dangers in the great outdoors. These are perfectly harmless for our pets, correct? First, look up. People living near St Petersburg will call the professionals in lawn maintenance St Petersburg Florida. Call on people trained to know the safest plants for your yard in your part of the country. Don't risk injury. The blooms are beautiful to the eye and they add a pleasant sweetness to the air. Metal lawn edging is often used to give flowerbed borders a manicured look. You can always call a lawn service to help you out. But the one thing that all lawns have in common is the need for a safe and yet beautiful yard for the pets in our families. Their blooms are a tempting snack for dogs or a lovely place for cats to roll around. These containers should be locked up inside the shed, safely away from pets and children. These common household and yard plants can cause anything from intestinal disturbance to death. Metal Lawn Edging is a Violent Thing As we walk down the driveway, we see horror of horrors, metal lawn edging. Some flowering plants have berries that are toxic and fatal for our fur-babies. Have You Forgotten to Put Away the Lawn Care Equipment? We step to the other side of the shed and there we see some shears, an ax, and an old push mower. Spring is here and everything is coming back to life. Think before purchasing metal. The last thing you need is to look out to see your cat of dog pinned to the ground and injured by a falling limb. We step out of our back door and the first thing we see is our freshly manicured and decked out flowerbeds. Properly store all lawn equipment and chemicals behind the locked door of your shed or garage. Nearby we see a bag of fertilizer and some pesticide. Take a drive through neighborhoods and you will see folks out in their yards, working to get it ready for a great summer. No matter what part of the country you live in, check your trees every spring. Do You Know Where Your Pesticides are Stored? Stepping over towards the shed where all of your lawn care equipment is stored, we see some chemical containers leaning against the side of the building. There are many other options for trimming your drive and beds. These things can harm or even kill children and pets. Walk with me through a hypothetical yard that could very well be your own. Cat owners beware of the lily plant, if you cat takes a nibble it could quickly lead to kidney failure. How can flowers be dangerous? Many flowers are poisonous if ingested. Examples of poisonous plants are Easter Lilies, Poinsettias, American Holly, and Alocasia. If it's already down please remove it!. Do not risk accidental ingestion of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or other lawn treatment chemicals ..More

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How to get that perfect level cut for your lawn

List Of commercial contractors - Service Technician Forum Pages - . .  He has a perfectly level cut like this. You're envious of your neighbors lawn. And you want to know how to get it ..More

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Need to burn off a few pounds? Do it with home maintenance

Find certified contractors - Service Technician Blogs - .  . It doesn't take much to burn a lot of calories, but with some work around the house, you can burn plenty ..More

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Help! My landscaper damaged my lawn, what is my legal recourse?

Top 10 emergency contractors - Talk To An Expert - Repair Forum Pages - . One possible way to escalate the situation with your vendor, would be to politely inform them that you intend to leave negative feedback.   ..More

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