Forum Title: Dump trailer VS dump truck.
Just throwing around the idea of purchasing a dump trailer or a 1 ton dump truck. I recently quit my full time job of 9 years with a paving company to go full time with my sealcoating business. I purchased a bobcat s250 a while back and am going to start getting into more patchwork and dirt work now that I am on my own and freed up a little more. I plan on buying either a small 1 ton dump truck or dump trailer. What is everyone’s opinion on a dump truck vs dump trailer? Looking at dump trucks, I can get a used for about the same price I can get a new dump trailer , I think it’s a plus that if I go with a truck I can get it into smaller spaces and not have to worry about draggin around a trailer or trying to get in to right spots and that will give me an extra truck to the fleet for pulling trailers etc... downside is that’s just another truck that could break down, put fuel in, carry insurance on and if it does break down it’s not like I canjust hook to another truck and go. What is everyone’s opinion?
Category: Paving Post By: FELIX HIGGINS (Killeen, TX), 01/07/2020

I have a 7x14 dump trailer. it is perfect height to patch from. i can haul skidsteer in it if needed. also it works great for crack sealing. i have 2 30 gallon premelters that i slide to the back, the ma10 rolls right under them to fill. plenty of room for crack sealer boxes and propane tanks. buy a good one if you can and put goodyear tires on it. that's the only tire i have found that will not blow out on a skidsteer trailer, dump trailer, or sealrite 850 extreme.

- MARSHA LOVE (Elgin, IL), 01/31/2020

We do 1 ton dumps for the same reason, super versatile. Get the landscape bed so the side fold down, you wont go wrong.

- ANDREW KING (St. George, UT), 01/31/2020

That’s a tough question. Both would good but one might have a slight edge depending on what direction you take your business. If you plan to stay more sealcoating I’d get the truck. If you did patching maybe the trailer. We have a 1 ton dump and it’s one of the most used pieces we own. We can not only patch with it, but the sides fold down so we can load pallets of paint or crack seal too- so it can pull the striping trailer or crack seal. We also have a skid mounted seal tank that we lift in the bed for sealcoating. The short wheelbase compared to a trailer is awesome for sealcoating. Honestly it’s just so versatile. Saying lol this, I think I’d lean towards the truck. Don’t let insurance keep you down, if you use it enough, that cost shouldn’t be a factor. All that being said, a trailer is nice where it’s lower to the ground and easier to shovel asphalt. You also can transport your skid steer like the above poster said. Both will work well, but I just know we really utilize our 1 ton a lot.

- BOBBIE RODGERS (Terre Haute, IN), 01/31/2020

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